Best Wedding Locations in the UK for Your Wedding Film

Berkshire is one of the best wedding locations in the UK

If one has ever dreamt of capturing their love story in a fairy-tale setting, then the diverse landscapes of the UK will not disappoint.

From the pastoral charm of Berkshire to the architectural grandeur of Oxfordshire, each region offers its own unique backdrop for creating unforgettable cinematic wedding films.

At Emotionss Wedding Videography, we love exploring the UK and filming incredible weddings all over the UK. We have some of the best wedding locations in the UK for your wedding film and there is a place for everyone!

Best Wedding Locations in the UK

  • Berkshire’s Countryside Charm
  • London’s Urban Allure
  • Hampshire’s Scenic Beauty
  • Oxfordshire’s Architectural Grandeur
  • Exploring Other Noteworthy Locations

Berkshire’s Countryside Charm

Berkshire is one of the best wedding locations in the UK, which paints a bucolic picture that enchants many couples seeking a romantic setting for their wedding film.

The quaint villages, historic manor houses and lush countryside embody an idyllic charm that is hard to resist.

The potential to capture your exchange of vows against the scenic beauty of Berkshire’s winding country roads, rustic farmsteads, and imposing castles is incredibly inviting.

The county’s serene meadows and picturesque riverside locations further enhance its appeal, contributing to a setting that exudes both sophistication and pastoral allure.

The magic of Berkshire lies in its tranquil rural landscapes that seamlessly combine elegance and a sense of timelessness, making it an ideal choice for a wedding video that narrate a tale of romance and elegance.

Berkshire is one of the best wedding locations in the UK

London’s Urban Allure

Drawing a striking contrast to the rural tranquillity of Berkshire, the capital city of the UK, London, presents an entirely different, but no less captivating, canvas for couples aiming to bring a dash of contemporary vibrancy to their film.

Boasting an array of landmarks that command worldwide recognition, the city provides a backdrop that resonates with a majestic aura. These range from the historic grandeur of the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace to the strikingly modern edifice of the Shard.

Each iconic landmark contributes to a skyline that perfectly encapsulates the city’s unique fusion of rich history and modernity.

But it isn’t solely the skyline that gives London its urban appeal. London’s cultural tapestry, woven over centuries, lends a quality that elevates it from just another cityscape to a location that embodies a fascinating blend of tradition and cosmopolitan flair.

This historical and cultural wealth intertwines with the city’s contemporary vibrancy, infusing a singular character into every frame captured for your film.

Proof that London is one of the best wedding locations in the UK? Its urban allure extends beyond the city’s illustrious landmarks. Hidden away in the city are quaint neighbourhoods and green spaces that offer unexpected opportunities for capturing intimate and romantic moments against a metropolitan backdrop.

Ultimately, London wedding videography allows couples to weave a narrative that reflects both the monumental and the personal.

London is one of the best wedding locations in the UK

Hampshire’s Scenic Beauty

Positioned on the southern coast of England, Hampshire serves as a lovely location for producing picturesque films.

The county’s charm lies in its mixture of unspoilt coastlines, delightful market towns, and expansive landscapes of rolling hills. Every element comes together to form an inviting canvas of natural beauty coupled with a rich cultural heritage.

Hampshire’s vast, verdant New Forest, with its wild ponies and age-old oaks, offers a relaxed setting, ideal for capturing the profound moments of your special day.

On the other hand, the dramatic cliffs of the Jurassic Coast present a spectacular view that can lend a dramatic flair to your wedding film.

The contrast between Hampshire’s gentle countryside and its rugged coast presents a variety of unique settings for each frame captured making it one of the best wedding locations in the UK.

Each corner of Hampshire, from its scenic landscapes to its historic settlements, exudes a sense of romance and peace that can enhance the emotive narrative of any film.

It provides a balance of serenity and grandeur that truly complements the essence of such a significant occasion.

Hampshire is one of the best wedding locations in the UK

Oxfordshire’s Architectural Grandeur

When it comes to imbuing wedding films with an aura of history and architectural beauty, Oxfordshire stands as one of the best wedding locations in the UK.

Best known for the esteemed Oxford University, this county lends itself as an incredible canvas that couples with a love for history and grand structures would find irresistible.

The ‘City of Dreaming Spires’, as Oxford is often referred to, serves as a treasure trove of medieval beauty and architectural wonders..

From the university’s majestic spires to its stately halls, Oxfordshire promises an enriching blend of timeless charm and awe-inspiring edifices. Its countryside is dotted with quaint villages and historic houses that augment its charm, making it an ideal location for those seeking a blend of rural tranquillity and structural majesty in their film. 

Oxfordshire’s iconic landmarks and verdant landscapes amplify its romantic appeal, making it a highly desired location for couples.

Infusing the narrative of their film with the historical essence and architecture of Oxfordshire allows couples to convey their story in a unique and inspiring way.

Oxfordshire is one of the best wedding locations in the UK

Exploring Other Noteworthy Locations

In addition to the locations already mentioned, there are more of the best wedding locations in the UK for couples to consider when selecting their ideal wedding film setting.

Surrey, widely recognised for its stunning landscapes and majestic manors, provides an impressive backdrop with an undeniable country charm.

Buckinghamshire is another noteworthy contender, its quintessentially British villages and opulent estates offering a harmonious blend of rural and lavish aesthetics.

East Sussex offers a departure from the landlocked scenery, its breathtaking coastline providing a refreshing and serene setting. This coastal beauty, paired with a wealth of historic sites, ensures a film set here is both visually enticing and richly steeped in history.

Kent, colloquially termed the ‘Garden of England’, earns its name through the wealth of verdant countryside and gardens it possesses. The natural beauty offered by this location makes for a lush and inviting canvas upon which to capture the joy of a wedding day.

Finally, Middlesex, with its intriguing combination of cityscapes and pastoral scenes, provides a flexible backdrop that can be tailored to suit a variety of wedding themes. The opportunity to weave urban and rustic elements together in a film can create a truly unique and memorable narrative.

All of the best wedding locations in the UK

Let’s Create a Cinematic Video for Your Wedding

There is no shortage of the best wedding locations in the UK for your wedding film, each offering its unique charm, history, and picturesque scenery.

It is these diverse and visually stunning locations that make the UK such a desirable destination for cinematic wedding videography.

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