Checklist for choosing a venue

Checklist for choosing a venue


One of the most important and main parts of planning a wedding party is choosing a hall or a garden where the ceremony will be held. At least six months before the date of your wedding, you should choose your wedding hall. To choose a wedding hall or garden, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the venue and have many criteria in mind. Here we mention some of the most important criteria that you should have in your Checklist for choosing a venue.


Location and urban access

The hall where your wedding party will be held should be in good condition in terms of geographical location and urban access. Perhaps this is the most important issue in choosing a wedding hall. Because your guests have to travel this route and if it is difficult to arrive to your wedding venue due to reasons such as: traffic or being outside the city, it will cause trouble and fatigue for your guests. On the other hand, try to choose the hall or garden of the wedding venue near your bridal hair salon and photography studio, because you yourself have to go this route and if these places are far from each other, you will be late for your celebration.

The size of the wedding reception hall

The size of your wedding hall or garden is directly related to the number of your guests. If you have small guest list, the large and wide hall is not suitable for holding your wedding because your guests will be scattered in it and your wedding will look lonely and empty. Therefore, in this situation, consider a smaller hall for reception. Meanwhile, in any case, ask the person in charge of the hall or garden if they have extra seats for reception or not.  

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The ceiling of the reception hall

The ceiling of the reception hall should be high. Halls with low ceilings are depressing and guests will feel suffocated. The ceiling of the hall is one of the points that you must pay attention to when choosing a wedding hall.  

Parking space

One of the things you should consider from your Checklist for choosing a venue is Parking space. It is one of the most important things that you should pay attention to. The reception hall or the garden where you hold your wedding party must be equipped with parking space for cars. Most of your guests will definitely come to your wedding with their own cars and they don’t like to spend a long time looking for a parking space in the surrounding streets and worry about the safety of their cars. Especially if you live in big and crowded cities like London, be sure to pay attention to this feature.  

Chairs and tables

When choosing a wedding hall or garden, pay attention to the color and material of the covers and tablecloths. In addition, be sure to emphasize to the manager of the hall that for your party, the covers and tablecloths must be clean and if possible washed the day before and insist on this so that they understand your sensitivity. Otherwise, on your wedding day, some guests may see chair covers and tablecloths stained with all kinds of drinks.


Do not forget about the restroom. Especially if your wedding is held in the cold seasons of the year, be sure to check that there are enough toilets and at the same time they are clean and hygienic. In addition, the location of services and their distance to the place of celebration is also very important. Other facilities such as children’s playroom, women’s changing rooms, etc. are also points that you should pay attention to.  

Wedding Hall fees

Set a budget for your wedding and stick to it. The costs of a wedding hall usually include:

  • Entry fee: which is a fixed figure regardless of the number of guests
  • Food and entertainment cost: which is usually calculated per person and depends on the number of guests, types of food, drinks, appetizers, etc.
  • The cost of the music and entertainment group: This depends on the wedding venue that you choose. Some has a rule about it, that you should use the music band the venue offers and some don’t have a strict policy and you can have any band you want.
  • Service fee: which is usually a percentage of the total cost that is added to the total cost
  • Cost of decorations: decorations such as: balloon decoration, flower arrangement, etc., which will be removed if you do not wish to do so.
  • The cost of programs: such as: fireworks, horse riding, carriage riding, etc., which are usually optional and will be removed from the program if you do not wish to do so.

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  Usually, the calculation of costs is done in such a way that when signing a contract, you pay a part of the costs as a deposit and reserve the date. About a week before the ceremony, you pay two-thirds of the expenses and on the wedding night, when you are sure that everything is in order and there are no problems with the service, you make the final settlement. But it also depends on the wedding venue and their policies.

Food testing and catering quality

It is common that after choosing the wedding hall and garden, before signing the contract, the quality of the food and catering is tested by the customer. Usually, a customer sneaks into the hall or garden one night and after meeting with the manager of the hall, he requests to test the food and observe the type of service. Being able to see how the waiters serve, how they deal with the guests, their clothes, the quality of the tableware, etc., will help you to make your final decision more easily.  

Final thoughts

Be sure to visit your wedding hall or garden the day before the ceremony to make sure everything is in order. Check the cleanliness of the chair covers and tablecloths, the number of seats, the lighting, the decorations and in short everything. This stubbornness and sensitivity of yours also proves to the hall management that you are sensitive to everything and will try to satisfy you. These are all the recommendations that we have for your Checklist for choosing a venue. We hope it was helpful and thanks for reading.


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