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Hello, I'm arash

I’m Arash and I’m an award-winning Essex Wedding Videographer. Specialising in weddings I’m renowned for my cinematic wedding films that flawlessly capture the essence of your big day.

My style can be described as documentary, with a creative editing approach. I take a discreet approach to videography, focusing on those intimate moments between two individuals. By understanding your vision and collaborating closely with you, I provide a personalised service tailored to your needs. Rest assured, the video you receive will be a cherished keepsake you’ll be eager to share with friends and family.

Recognising that your wedding day is one of the most significant events in your life, I prioritise crafting perfect memories that will endure a lifetime. Throughout your wedding planning journey, I’m here to offer assistance and ensure your special day exceeds all expectations. With extensive experience at numerous stunning venues in Essex, I’m well-equipped to address any wedding-related inquiries you may have.

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For an unforgettable film, seek out a cinematic wedding videographer who resonates with you, someone whose presence calms you and whose videos evoke genuine emotion. I invest time in building connections with every couple to ensure their wedding video is a true reflection of their love story. Remember, wedding videographers offer a diverse range of styles, so it’s important to find the one that aligns perfectly with your vision.

why book me as your wedding videographer

So, you’ve made the decision to enlist a wedding videographer for your wedding. Now, the question arises: Why choose me?

Wedding videography is my passion, and I’m deeply honored whenever a couple invites me to be part of their special day. Being recognized as one of the top wedding videographers in Essex is truly humbling.

From the moment you book my services, I strive to offer more than just a wedding video. I take pride in my meticulous attention to detail and dedicate time to understand each couple individually. My focus is on capturing the fleeting moments and essential shots that matter most. With an unobtrusive approach, I ensure your unique details are preserved while remaining discreet in the background. The result? A personalized, meticulously crafted work of art – my timeless wedding films – that allows you to relive your special day again and again.

I believe in simplicity, offering just one package called The Collection. Additionally, there are no time constraints on my presence on your wedding day. I’m there to capture every significant moment, enabling you to revisit your wedding day memories whenever you please.

If you entrust me as your Wedding Videographer, I’ll go above and beyond to ensure your wedding day memories are preserved perfectly. I’d be honored to create your wedding film.

Feel free to explore my films page to see if my work resonates with you, and don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your big day.

Latest Wedding Film

Explore my latest wedding films here. I’m passionate about capturing stunning wedding days, and viewing my work will give you a glimpse into my award-winning videography style.


I’ve simplified the process by offering three straightforward packages, each adaptable to your budget. You can explore them here. With my comprehensive coverage, no memorable moment of your special day will be missed. Whether you want to relive the heartfelt ceremony, toast-filled speeches, or share shorter clips with friends and family, my films are designed to capture the essence of your celebration.

Moreover, I don’t impose any time constraints. I’ll be there from the pre-wedding preparations until well after your first dance, ensuring every aspect of your day is documented. And if the party is still going strong, you might even spot me hitting the dance floor, soaking in the joyous atmosphere alongside your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is hiring a videographer worth it for a wedding?

Absolutely, and I might be a bit biased here, but if you’re planning an wedding in Essex and debating whether wedding videography is worth the investment, my answer is a resounding yes! While a wedding photographer can capture stunning images and create beautiful albums, a talented videographer can offer something truly magical.

Think of it this way: a great wedding videographer can transport you back to your special day, allowing you to relive every moment, from the ceremony to the heartfelt speeches. It’s like having a time machine for your memories, preserving not only the visual details but also the emotions and atmosphere of the day. Plus, seeing loved ones who may no longer be with you can be incredibly meaningful.

For more insights, feel free to check out my post where I chat with a couple of my brides below.

How much should I pay for a wedding videographer in Essex?

When it comes to wedding suppliers, videographers vary in terms of experience and quality, and as the saying goes, you often get what you pay for. While some may offer basic coverage, truly capturing the essence of your day is an art that requires skill and dedication.

It’s common to hear different opinions on social media about how much to budget for wedding videography. From my perspective, I always recommend allocating a budget for your videographer that’s comparable to what you’d spend on your photographer. Typically, videographers may charge more than photographers of similar caliber due to the extensive post-production work involved in editing a wedding video.

Remember, investing in a talented videographer means investing in a timeless keepsake that beautifully preserves the emotion and memories of your special day.

What does a videographer do at a wedding?

A wedding videographer plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of your special day. They typically begin by arriving early to document the preparations, filming both the bride and groom getting ready alongside their wedding parties. Often, they’ll start with filming the groom before moving on to the bride, a strategic approach that ensures comprehensive coverage.

At the ceremony venue, the videographer arrives in advance to set up multiple cameras, ensuring every moment is captured from different angles. For optimal audio quality, they may also use microphones to record vows and speeches with clarity. During the couples’ shoot, they collaborate closely with the photographer to capture beautiful moments.

Throughout the day, the videographer captures candid moments of guests mingling, as well as setting up for and recording speeches. As the celebration progresses into the evening, they continue to document the festivities, ensuring the lively dance floor and other memorable moments are immortalized in your wedding film.

Choosing a wedding videographer who stays to capture the evening’s fun ensures that every precious moment of your wedding day is preserved for years to come.

How Long Is a Typical Wedding Video?

The duration of a wedding video can vary significantly depending on the videography company and the package you choose. Some may offer concise highlight films lasting around 5 minutes, while others provide comprehensive 90-minute films. Finding a middle ground is often ideal.

In my package, you’ll receive a 5-7 minute highlights film capturing the essence of your day, along with a 15-20 minute main feature. Additionally, you’ll have access to uncut footage of your ceremony and speeches as extras. This flexibility allows you to share shorter films with family while also reliving your ceremony in its entirety. Ultimately, the choice is yours to enjoy your wedding memories exactly as you prefer.

How Many Wedding Videographers Do I Need?

For the majority of weddings I cover, I film solo. One videographer is typically sufficient for most weddings. However, if you desire additional coverage or have a larger wedding day planned, considering a second videographer might be beneficial. As an option, I provide a second camera operator for the day if needed.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. I’m always delighted to assist anyone planning their Essex Wedding and would be honored to be your videographer.

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